Silicon Ice Cube Maker


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Product Description:

  • ICE CUBER – Your way to create a large amount of ice cubes that you store inside the ice tray itself as you freeze.
  • By placing a circular BPA-FREE material cup inside the inner section of the Ice Cuber, it creates a wall to allow the water once filled up time to freeze inside the uniquely designed ice cube pockets.


  1. Unique double chamber design holds up to 120 ice cubes Outer chambers freeze the ice cubes while inner  cylinder stores them
  2. Save a ton of space in your freezer
  3. Air tight lid keeps your cubes fresh and odor free
  4. Quickly chills bottled beverages
  5. Dishwasher safe
  6. Made with Safe, Silicone material
  7. Size: S: 10*10cm  Silicone material
  8. L:12×14.6cm Food Grade TPR material

Use Tips:

Step 1: Insert the inner chamber into the Chamber. (Make sure the chamber reaches the bottom, creating a seal between the inner chamber and outer chamber).Note: Feel around the base of the chamber to see if the inner chamber is properly seated.

Step 2: Fill water into the channel at the top of the Chamber. Fill until the water reaches just above the top row of cubes. Note: Pour out any water that overflows into the upper channel.

Step 3: Snap the Lid onto the ice bucket. Place into the freezer until all the water is frozen. (4-6 hours).

Step 4: Once frozen, remove the ice bucket from the freezer. Remove the Lid, then firmly squeeze the outer chamber on all sides.



1 Pc x Ice Cube Maker and Storage


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