Reusable Cleaning Cloths


 Lazy Rag Absorbent Wet Dry Washable Disposable Dish Paper Towel Cloth Roll Kitchen Cleaning towel



Product Description :
Environmental Friendly material
The paper towel is made of the original wood pulp and processed by double-layer pressing, is safe, wear-resistant, soft and not lint when use.
Good Water Absorption
It maintains excellent water absorbability thanks to the selected material which can effectively absorb spilling soup, oil contamination, water stain or smudge.
more eco-friendly and cost saving and you can toss them when they wear out.
Point Break Design
The broken cuts of the paper towel are neat and very easy to tear.
Scopes of Application
It is great for routine kitchen clean up, wipe down the countertop, dry water around the sink, remove the dust around the household, clean the car, and any kind of cleaning jobs.

Type: Paper towel,
Material: Non-woven fabric
Quantity: 1 Roll/100 Sheets
Color: As shown
Pattern: White/Tableware/Geometry/Fruit

1 roll Paper towel



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