Flat Mop Cleaning System with Integrated Squeegee Bucket




Product Description :

When it comes to mops, our Buyer Lisa isn’t easy to impress. She’s seen hundreds of samples over the years, and only a few have made the cut: we know something has to really stand out to pass muster! So when she excitedly showed us this super-compact Flat Mop Cleaning System, we knew she’d found something really special.

Unique floor mop system

Every time she picks up a normal mop, Lisa notices what’s wrong with it. Some buckets are really big so they’re tricky to store and too heavy to lug about when they’re full; mop heads stay saturated despite loads of wringing, and they’re never quite clean as any ‘bits’ they pick off the floor seem to stay firmly attached…

With an incredibly compact bucket featuring an integral tool that squeegees muck and moisture from the head in just a few easy breezy dips, this super-whiz system has fulfilled all of Lisa’s mopping must-haves.

Dual-chambered compact squeegee bucket

For a start, the first-of-its-kind bucket is really neat. It holds 7.5 liters of water – plenty to clean with but not so much that your arm aches carrying it – and the super-compact design means it’s easy to store in a cupboard or narrow space, making it perfect for smaller homes where every inch of space counts.

It’s what’s inside that really counts though, and the unique internal ‘rinse and wring’ squeegee system seriously impressed us. Fill the main compartment with water, press the button and it’ll pump water into the smaller, T-shaped rinsing chamber; the mop slots in sideways, and when you pull it out the squeegee opening removes all the water and dirt.

Squeegee wrings and cleans the mop head

Just lower and raise the mop head half a dozen times and the bucket’s integral squeegee will wring out the microfiber pad so it’s just damp enough for effective mopping, putting an end to floors so soggy they soak your socks. It’ll remove any bits of fluff, dirt, dust, debris or pet hair that have been picked up too, so they don’t end up back on the floor.

Telescopic handle and microfiber swivel head

Lightweight with a telescopic handle that locks into place, the super-absorbent microfiber pad can be used with water alone or with your preferred cleaning solution, and it positively glides across floors and around furniture legs. And when the pad needs a bit of a clean, you can swap it for the spare one and pop it into the washing machine to be freshened up.

Suitable for all types of sealed hard floor.

Includes two machine washable microfiber mop heads.

Product dimensions

Mop handle extends from 111.5 to 135cm. Bucket 7.5 liter, 18.5 x 21 x 36cm H. Microfiber pads 32 x 10cm.


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